Taegh Sokhey

Global Managing Partner


Based in Chicago, Taegh Sokhey leads the firm's focus on strategization to create long term economic and social value for clients. He also provides pharmaceutical consulting services to ZS Associates, headquarted in Evanston, Illinois.

Before becoming a managing partner, Taegh Sokhey served at the Shirley Ryan Abilitylab providing expertise in data analytics and clinical research strategy. He founded Sokhey LLC in 2017, and led the development of Swann VR, the world's first VR driven Alzheimer's solution This major development in memory care garnered admiration from Business Insider, VRFocus, BoastVR, and I4U, establishing the foundation for what the firm seeks to achieve today.

Taegh's clinical research has been published in the Journal Of Vision, PLOS, as well as the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Outside of academic works, he has also written articles on telemedicine intervention, nutrition plans, Sikh heritage, and effective strategy.


He completed a BS in Biology at Northwestern University with a focus in technologies and business and holds credentials from Harvard Business School in Analytics.


Phone: +1-630-999-1479

Published Work:


Claire Chambers PhD, Deborah Gaebler MD, Taegh Sokhey, Konrad Kording PhD, The development of Bayesian integration in sensorimotor estimation, PLOS, Nov. 2018

Claire Chambers PhD, Deborah Gaebler MD, Taegh Sokhey, Konrad Kording PhD, The integration of probabilistic information during sensorimotor estimation is unimpaired in children with Cerebral Palsy, PLOS, Nov. 2017

Ben Ingram D.O., Mithra Maneyapanda MD, Taegh Sokhey, David Ripley MD, Prevalance of Endocrinopathy on Admission to Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation after Hypoxic Ischemic Brain Injury, AAPM&R, Sep. 2017